API Gateway: license install Error
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API Gateway: license install Error


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We were given a LIC file for our API Gateway Product, but when we try to install it we get errors the file is incorrect . 


This is caused by the wrong file type being installed.


When you were sent the license you should have received the below email.   Simply change the file type to a zip file and unzip to get your license. The expected file type is XML.

Thank you for purchasing the CA API Management product. Your license activation key file is attached to this email.

Please note that the file extension has been changed to .LIC to avoid complications with email filtering systems.

Before installing a license on its respective component, please change the file extension to .ZIP and decompress the contents.

The contents will be installed in their corresponding products.

This is also the case for a license file downloaded from the support site , the file needs to renamed to .zip and the correct license .xml file needs to be extracted from the zip .