Migration from EZT 6.X to EZT 11.6: File Statistic Messages
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Migration from EZT 6.X to EZT 11.6: File Statistic Messages


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Easytrieve Report Generator


When testing existing Easytrieve  JCL  with the current 11.6 release,  File Statistic messages  still reference the prior releases.  This is only for those programs that were compiled/linked using the older releases.



Release : 11.6

Component : CA Easytrieve Plus Report Generator


Here is the reasoning behind this statistic.                      
1. When a previously compiled and linked program is executed under      
   Easytrieve 11.6, the first thing checked is to see if it was linked  
   with r11.6, or was it linked as an executable with an earlier version
   of Easytrieve.                                                       
2. If It was Easytrieve 11.x, then the Easytrieve 11.6 run time will be  
 used, and it would have CA Easytrieve 11.6 in your title.        
3. If it was an earlier version of Easytrieve 6.x used, then it would   
 have EASYTRIEVE PLUS 11.6-C in your title, and                       
 and the compatibility 11.6 run time modules would be used.            
4. Then when the file statistics are printed, the actual version/release
 is printed, such as:                           
   FILE STATISTICS - CA-EASYTRIEVE PLUS 6.4 0311.                     
5. When a CA Easytrieve program is run, the listing gives two dates.....
   Seeing '11-C' in the listing confirms that you are using the correct libraries 
   to execute with 11.X, but that the program is running in compatibility mode. 
 Seeing 'FILE STATISTICS - CA-EASYTRIEVE PLUS 6.4 0311' in the listing is
   confirming that the CA Easytrieve job was previously compiled and linked as 
   release 6.X.