What to do when there is a Catalog/PAM integration problem?
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What to do when there is a Catalog/PAM integration problem?


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CA Service Catalog


What to do where there is a Catalog/PAM integration problem?


Release : 17.x



When there is an integration problem with PAM, Catalog will block the queue responsible for triggering PAM processes until the communication problem is resolved. If auto-retry is on, then it will retry triggering processes based on configuration settings. If the problem is resolved during its retry, it will unblock the queue and will process other queue items. When a queue is in blocked state and auto-retry is set as 'Yes' it will set the request status to 'Queued', which means there is a communication problem with Catalog and PAM.

There is another way to unblock this queue. Admin can navigate to Home->Messages->Alerts and click on 'List All Failed Actions'.this should list down an item whose Type is 'ITPAM_QUEUE_FAILURE'. This indicates there is a connection problem between PAM and Catalog. If the communication issue is resolved, then the user can check rows corresponding to "ITPAM_QUEUE_FAILURE' and click on 'Retry Failed Actions' button. All the processes which were failed previously will be retried again and attached to their requests.