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Vertica install fails with error: verticadba is not the primary group


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We are installing vertica and we are getting an error:

verticadba is not the primary group

How can we fix this?


Vertica requires the database administrator user to be a member of the verticadba group and that this group be the primary group for the user.


Release : 21.2.x

Component : Data Storage - vertica


Set the primary group for the database admin to verticadba using usermod

usermod -g verticadba dradmin  (this sets group membership to just verticadba)

usermod -G verticadba,dradmin dradmin  (this sets membership to both verticadba and dradmin groups, in that order)


Log out and back in to refresh the shell and see the changes.


Additional Information

man usermod

For details of the usermod command.