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IDMS: CAIRIM refresh of APFLIB modules with multiple environments


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Some sites maintain multiple IDMS environments in the same LPAR.
For example, test and production, or CVs running different releases of IDMS.
This poses a problem when maintenance is applied to one of these environments if it involves the need to refresh APFLIB modules with CAIRIM.

The APFLIB modules are LPAR wide and so every IDMS CV in an LPAR must use the same version of those modules.

If you have applied maintenance which updates both APFLIB modules and normal CAGJLOAD modules, should you run the CAIRIM refresh?

If you do, then CVs which have not had the maintenance applied will get the new APFLIB modules.
If you don't, then CVs which have had the maintenance applied will not get the new APFLIB modules.

Either scenario theoretically results in partially applied APARs.


Release : All supported releases.

Component : CA IDMS


The answer is that you should run the CAIRIM refresh.
The APFLIB modules are always downward compatible.

Additional Information

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