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Installing vertica on the DR systems, but getting an error: This script must be run in bash.


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We are doing an install of vertica using a sudo user.

When we run the validate we get an error:

This script must be run in bash.

Which bash shows /usr/bin/bash


The validate calls a function that explicitly checks for bash in /bin/bash

bin/ if [ "$SHELL" != '/bin/bash' ]


Release : 21.2.x

Installs and Upgrades



Both the dr_validate and vertica itself make a pass/fail call to check if you are using bash specifically from /bin/bash.

So the sudo user must use this path.

To check the available shells:

more /etc/shells

Use usermod to edit the default shell of the user to /bin/bash


usermod <user> -s /bin/bash

Easiest way to verify that the change was made is to:

more /etc/passwd

And look for the username, the shell will be listed here.

Additional Information

man usermod
for guidance on the usermod command