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Google Meet having audio or video quality issues when going through ProxySG or WSS


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Web Security Service - WSS ProxySG Software - SGOS


Google Hangouts Meet is having audio or video issues when passing the traffic through WSS
Audio has problems when going through WSS and using WSSA or UA
Other access methods may have an issue as well. 


Symantec Web Security Service (WSS)
Unified Agent (UA) or WSS Agent (WSSA)
Explicit proxy may also be impacted


Per Google's document, they recommend that the Google media IP address range is whitelisted, meaning that the traffic goes direct and not through a proxy.  To bypass Google Meet traffic from WSS, please do the following:

  1. Login to and go to Service mode > Network > Bypassed Sites > Bypassed IPs/Subnets > Add Bypass IP(s)
  2. For IP/Subnet, enter  For Comment, put in "Google Meet IP range:  See for details."
  3. Click on Add Bypass IP(s)NOTE:  You may need to click on the WSSA/UA reconnect button for the IP address to be passed down to the workstation.

The above steps can be used for WSSA/UA and explicit proxy connections.  If you are using IPsec or proxy forwarding, you will need to create rules on your firewall/router or proxy that will send the traffic direct.



Here is the specific quote from the aforementioned Google document (it has been edited for relevancy):

Step 3: Whitelist Google media IP address ranges

[I]f you have network constraints that require you to restrict traffic, you can whitelist Meet's media servers.  These IP ranges are used exclusively for Meet so you can identify video meeting traffic used with your organization's G Suite account and deprioritize Hangouts traffic from consumer accounts.

Whitelist Meet's media servers using the following set of IP ranges:


NOTE:  These IP ranges are only for media (audio and video) and do not correspond with the URIs listed above in Step 2.

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