Deployment Solution 6.9 SP6 Download and Release Notes
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Deployment Solution 6.9 SP6 Download and Release Notes


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Deployment Solution 6.9 SP6 has been released.


Deployment Solution 6.9 SP6 has been released.

This article provides a method of downloading this SP for use in your environment. In addition it provides a link to the release notes for SP6, and a link to a general Deployment Solution 6.9 verision to version upgrade process as well as a link to the Microsoft Deployment files necessary to implement the WinPE 4 environment this SP enables.

DS 6.9 SP6 Release Notes:

DS 6.9 SP6 Platform Support

General Upgrade Instructions: Read

Required Microsoft Files:
To use WinPE 4.0 (required for UEFI support), download the Windows ADK 8.0 from (it's approximpately 2.5 GB).


1. Download the attached SP6 file, and the additional DOS and LinuxPE boot files from this article.
2. Visit the Microsoft site listed above to download the WAIK files needed for WinPE 4 support.
3. Download the installer file, then execute the installer.
4. During the setup phase you will be asked if you want to install the file, or if you want to download the file for later use. Choose to download the file for later use. Allow the download to be placed in the default location (In you Downloads folder with several sub folders).
5. After download has completed proceed with download of the SP6 files, or if this step has already been completed, begin the backup steps outlined in the general upgrade guide  (linked in this document).

Installation of SP6
1. After all files have been downloaded and the proper files have been backed up begin installation of the Symantec Deployment Solution 6.9 SP6 product.
2. When prompted browse to the downloaded location of the Microsoft WAIK ADK setup file: C:Users{Your User Name}DownloadsWindows Kits8.0ADKadksetup.exe
3. Follow through the rest of the installation process, filling in any details not automatically filled in. If you want to upgrade an existing installation remember to indicate this during the install process.
4. Wait for the installation process to proceed. During the setup phase of the WinPE files the installer may appear to hang. At this point your best instructions would be to walk away, get a cup of coffee, or otherwise engage yourself. This process may take from 5 to 25 or more minutes, depending on your systems load.

Note: In SP6 we use WinPE 4.0 to provide full UEFI support. If customers require WinPE 2.1, they will need to either continue using WinPE 2.1 from an upgrade and never install WinPE 4.0, or after upgrading to WinPE 4.0 never update or make any changes (including adding drivers) to the WinPE 2.1 boot option.

Deployment Solution 6.9 SP6 Hotfix Rollup v1‚Äč is now available with tech#  INFO2504



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