Discrepancy Between ETC of Assignment on Task and Timesheets
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Discrepancy Between ETC of Assignment on Task and Timesheets


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ETCs on Timesheets don't match ETCs on Tasks. Assignment ETC which is visible on the task, is different to what the resource observes on the timesheet page in New UX or Classic UI.


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When a fixed loading pattern is used for the assignment, the ETC displayed on timesheets is of the Future weeks.


This is working as designed. For Fixed Loading Pattern, the ETC value on a timesheet is calculated as:

  • Sum of all ETCs on the assignment for future weeks (Or it can be looked at as: Total ETCs for the assignment - (Current week's ETCs and prior weeks' ETCs). 

Example: You have a fixed loading pattern of ETC for a resource which is of 20 hours a week and for 8 weeks. The total etc is 160 hours which is shown on the Task level.

When user goes to the timesheet they see an ETC of 140 if they are entering time for the1st week. If it's the second week they 120 ETC. This is because of Fixed Loading pattern and it only displays ETC for the future weeks disregarding the past and current weeks.

Note: Uniform loading pattern calculates differently: (Total ETC - Pending Actuals - Actuals)

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