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CA View - Why are there Accumulated Sysout Datasets Attached to the SARSTC Task?


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Why are there accumulated sysout datasets attached to the SARSTC task, with names of SYSnnnnn?


Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


If there is setting SARINIT XPRINT=YES (the default), there can occur the output of a report print, which will attach to the SARSTC task as a dynamically allocated file.

When View collects a sysout (via SARINIT CLSL), it checks PRTCLSL to see if the sysout should be automatically printed.
If a CLSL class matches a PRTCLSL class, View makes a copy of the sysout, to print.

PRTCLSL will automatically print off a copy of a report, and the dynamic allocation for the SARINIT PRTCLSL-initiated sysout is done under the SARSTC address space.
The attached files are waiting to print.

The reports will remain attached to the SARSTC task until they are somehow deleted, or are processed by something else.

SARINIT NEWCLSL is used to change the sysout class of the print, positional to the class in CLSL, to the printer's class.

If PRTCLSL existed and is then removed, the SYSnnnnn dynamic allocation entries will go away.

For the PRTCLSL parameter to work properly, the JES2 initialization statement STCCLASS must specify OUTPUT=YES.