Run multiple discovery schedules from 1 UIM hub server
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Run multiple discovery schedules from 1 UIM hub server


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are planning to run scheduled discovery from CA UIM.

However we need to input multiple schedules using one hub Server.

From the console if we add multiple scopes using the same UIM hub server, we are unable to add different schedules for each scope, it is only letting us to add 1 schedule.
How do we configure this?





Release : All versions of UIM.

Component : UIM - DISCOVERY


It is currently not possible and would be a feature request.

Here is how it currently works:

Schedule Discovery
Last Updated February 3, 2020
In the Schedule tab, you can schedule discovery to run in the future, and/or you can run discovery immediately. You can schedule either a single discovery run or recurring runs.
A scheduled discovery does not interrupt a discovery that is already running. If at the time a discovery run is scheduled another discovery run is in progress, the scheduled discovery is ignored.
If you select 
Run discovery now 
and discovery is in progress, the current discovery run is terminated and the new run is executed.
Follow these steps to start and/or schedule discovery:
  • Leave the 
    Run discovery now
     check box selected unless you do not want to run discovery when you complete the Discovery Wizard.
  • To schedule discovery, select the 
    Schedule discovery
     check box.
  • Enter information in the date and time fields.
    The time field is in 24-hour format. The time is the local time of the user.
  • To schedule recurring discovery runs, select the 
    Recurring every 
    check box, and enter the number of hours for the recurrence interval.
  • Click 
    to complete the Discovery Wizard.