Multiple active interfaces on device in CA Performance Management
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Multiple active interfaces on device in CA Performance Management


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We are seeing multiple active interfaces on some devices in CA Performance Management.

Looking at the events for the device, these devices also show errors in the past when updating
the Interface Metric Family and may have events showing that change detection has been disabled
for the Interface Metric Family 



Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


Defect: DE451685


This issue is fixed in CA Performance Management 3.7.11:

Symptom: When SNMP MIB table read encountered PARTIAL_FAILURE error during a metric family change detection process, it could create some incomplete component items.  Next time when the MIB table is read successfully, the incomplete items will be marked as Not Present.  If a device's SNMP agent frequently returns PARTIAL_FAILURE for its MIB table reads, a lot of Not Present components will be created.
Resolution: Improved the metric family discovery not to create any component items when a SNMP PARTIAL_FAILURE is encountered.
(3.7.11, DE451685)

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CA Performance Management 3.7.11 Fixed Issues: