When to use AW1IMPRT vs AW1ID001 when installing a new release of CAIENF for Event Recording


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  • Many customers use the CAIENF component of r14.1 or r15.0 Common Services for z/OS to record events on behalf of other mainframe products. 
  • In order to record successfully, Common Services requires a unique plan name to be stored in the Database.
    • Plan name reflects Common Services release in use 
    • r14.1 or r15.0  
  • The CAW0JCL for each release has two members that can be used write the correct plan name to the ENF MUF
    • AW1ID001
    • AW1IMPRT 

Which member should be used to write the plan to the ENF MUF?


Customers can be unsure of which job to use.


Product: Common Services for z/OS r14.1 or r15.0 
Component:  CAIENF 


  • Major factor to determine the job to use 
    • Create new database for new release of CCS/ENF
      • AW1ID001
    • Reuse current database with new release of  CCS/ENF
      • AW1IMPRT
  • AW1ID001 
    • Create new ENF MUF
      • Run necessary Datacom jobs to create new MUF for ENF
      • Run AW1ID001
        • 4 functions of AW1ID001
          • Install ENF DBID (0700) into new MUF 
          • Define the ENF MUF DBID (0700) to Datacom/AD
          • Validate the ENF DB definitions and initialize
          • Import the new ENF plan into the new database
    • Prior to taking any action with the current MUF before upgrade to CCS r15.0
      • Ensure that r14.1 PTFs RO54507 and RO55938 are applied 
      • Published in 2013
      • PE'd by RO55938
      • If not installed and holddata followed, upgrade to r15.0 will fail 
    • Reuse current ENF MUF
    • 1 function
      • Import new ENF plan into existing MUF
      • No impact upon current plan 
        • Just adds new plan
        • Current plan not overlaid  or deleted 
    • Job can be run before initializing newer release of CCS/ENF 
      • Older release active (r14.1) and using MUF  
      • No action necessary other than to run AW1IMPRT  
    • If new release of CCS (r15.0) installed and active
      • Add the new plan before attempting to start ENF
        • ENF will fail if new plan not present
      • ENF cannot be using the MUF
        • If MUF started externally using Datacom
          • Start MUF externally using ADxxStart
          • Run AW1IMPRT
          • Start ENF
        • If ENF using ENFPARM of IMUF
          • Start MUF externally using ADxxSTRT
          • Run AW1IMPRT
          • Stop the MUF using ADxxSTOP 
          • Start ENF with IMUF

Additional Information

Refer to the Common Services for z/OS documentation for details on the setup of ENF for use with Datacom/AD 
If needed apply RO54507
PE'd by RO55938