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DUAS6: Uprocs getting Aborted "Could not submit" randomly


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Some Uprocs, fail to be Submitted so they end in status Aborted, with the action Icon "Could not Submit".
The history trace is available.
The Job Log is created, but belongs to the user root and is empty.
A temporary file containing the environment execution variables remains present in the folder $U_TMP_PATH

When relaunching the Uproc, it usually works fine, launching it 5 minutes later, works fine as well.

Nothing can be found on /var/log/secure or /var/log/messages that explain why the "su" command fails to switch from root to the submission system user.



Unknown system issue, should be related to the su command failing to switch the user context from root to the submission account user.


Release : 6.9
OS: Redhat Linux 7


1. Assign the node to the user that will be the only one that can submit Jobs (in this case bjob), to do so, do the following as root:

./uxrights -m assign -a bjob
./uxrights -m restrict
su - bjob
cd /path_of_du
. ./unienv.ksh
cd bin

2. With UVC modify the submission account administrator to point to the user bjob instead of the current one ( in this case duadmin)