Portlet Pages giving Error 400
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Portlet Pages giving Error 400


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


  1. I have two portlet pages Page A and Page B
  2. If I log in as an admin, both Page A and B work just fine.  Both pages have a single portlet which also works fine.
  3. User A  has security to only see Page A, where User B only has security to see Page B 
  4. If I log into User A, Page A works fine.  But if User B logs in, Page B display a 400 Error. 
  5. When I log into Admin, and SAVE Page B, then log back in as User B, Page B works fine now. 
  6. But when I log into User A, Page A now displays the 400 Error.
  7. I relog back onto Admin, SAVE Page A, then Log back on as User A, and now Page A works fine. 
  8. But when I log back on as User B, Page B once again display the 400 Error


Release : All Supported Releases

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


 Delete the tab from the page and recreate it using XOG.