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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Cannot open Data maker on our DR server.  Needing to run a DR test to switch over from one data center's app server to the other.  Last time switch over was 2+ years ago and some drivers may have become outdated??   Getting message:


This error message is telling us that there is a discrepancy between the version of TDM and the version of the gtrep Repository Database. 

In this example, the database release is 3.2n, which correlates with TDM 4.7. However, the version of Datamaker software that is being started can only work with gtrep release 3.2L (TDM 4.5).

Therefore, the TDM release needs to be upgraded, and a new rep.xml file needs to be generated, before Datamaker will be able to connect to the gtrep repository.


Release : 4.6

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Before upgrading, verify the release of TDM you are running, to ensure the problem is related to the software versioning, and not related to an outdated rep.xml file. If the version of software is correct, and corresponds with the release of the gtrep Database, then rename the rep.xml file, and generate a new rep.xml file. See "Create rep.xml File to Store Repository Credentials" (

If the TDM version is out of date, and doesn't correspond with the release of gtrep database, then you will need to upgrade TDM to the proper release.

Additional Information

TDM GA Release Repository Kit GA Announcement Date End of Service (EOS)
End of Life (EOL)
CA Test Data Manager 4.9 4.9 13-Feb-20 No Announced
CA Test Data Manager 4.8.1 4.8   No Announced
CA Test Data Manager 4.8 3.2.14 26-Apr-19 No Announced
CA Test Data Manager 4.7 3.2N 5-Nov-18 February 18, 2021 -EOS
CA Test Data Manager 4.6 3.2M 3-Aug-18 August 24, 2020 - EOS
CA Test Data Manager 4.5 3.2L 29-Mar-18 August 24, 2020 - EOS
CA Test Data Manager 4.4 3.2K 29-Dec-17 August 24, 2020 - EOS
CA Test Data Manager 4.3 3.2J 29-Sep-17 August 24, 2020 - EOS
CA Test Data Manager 4.2 3.2I 6-Jul-17 August 24, 2020 - EOS