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Spectrum Performance Health View stops collecting data when bulk adding devices to Spectrum


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In the new Spectrum Health View. It is collecting data from multiple SpectroSERVERs.
When a bulk add/model/discovery of new devices to a SS, SpectrumInsideView stops collecting data from that particular SS whilst the devices are added and discovered. The other SpectroSERVERs are not affected and  data is still being collected by the SpectrumInsideView daemon and pushing data to the influxDB. When the devices have been discovered, the SpectrumInsideView starts collecting data again from the SS. No intervention is required. Looking at the SS where the modelling was happening, SS performance data looks fine and is being logged locally with no gaps

In the SpectrumInsideView log, you will see that for the SpectroSERVER it goes from "Data insert records : 1" to "Data insert records : 0" for each collection whilst the devices are being modeled on the SS



This is functioning as designed.
During a device discovery / bulk add the SpectroSERVER (SS) is busy doing that.
The SS performance inference handler will create the performance event data sent for event processing to the EVD module.
As event processing threads are a lower priority than discovery thread there may be a delay in processing these events and sending it to the DDMDB which results in the delay.
There should be no data loss, only a slight delay during discovery.

Broadcom engineering teams will be addressing potential issues with data gaps revolving around this area of code.