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Alarm Policies not loading on secondary UMP server configured with Loadbalancer


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When multiple UMP servers are configured behind a loadbalancer the alarm policies are not loading on secondary UMPs


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - ALARM POLICY


Alarm Policies cannot be worked on. The moment we click Setup Wizard -> Alarm Policies in Operator Console, all we get is the spinning loading icon forever. We are running two UMP servers behind a load balancer.
When we use the Chrome developer tools, we can see that the browser is trying to reach the policy_management_ws and getting a 404 http return code.


for multiple UMP behind a loadbalancer you have to deploy the following fixes:

please download 
extract, and extracted folder 
first apply the to primary hub where monconfig service is running.
then apply  to all the UMP servers.
then download and apply to all the UMP servers.
Choose any one of the wasp server. then add
 one config parameter policy_processing as true.

You can download the fixes from here

Here the instructions from the policy-managment-ws-.2.2-hf3.txt

For Multi UMP environment, this flag needs to be enabled only on a single UMP node. For other UMP nodes, this should be set to false. 
Sample configuration is as follows:
        reloadable = true
        cross_context = true
        load_on_startup = true
        unpack_war = true
                thread_count = 5
                max_retries = 3
                polling_interval = 5
                policy_processing = true
        path = /policy_management_ws

Steps to apply the patch:
1. Drag the from your local drive to the Archive folder in IM.
2. Stop the wasp using IM.
3. Edit wasp.cfg to set the flag "policy_processing" appropriately (refer notes above for DE436327).
4. Drag the policy_management_ws installation package (version 0.2.2-HF3) from the Archive folder in IM to the UMP robot.
5. Start the wasp probe using IM.

Related patches:
The following hotfixes are related and need to be applied. Refer to the respective release notes.
1. mon_config_service-9.2.0-HF2 
2. ump_usm-9.2.0-HF2

The alarm policy name as such still contains the group name of its creation time and not the renamed group name.