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The following is a high-list of suggestions and best practices to employ when integrating your Application with iOS SDK


App Experience Analytics (AXA) 17.3.2, SaaS


Suggestion #1: Use the latest iOS SDK (

"Apple" frequently update the iOS components so based on those we upgrade the SDK and releasing a new version on SaaS roll-outs.

Current version as on March 2020 is version 20.1

You can download the package from SaaS | DX App Experience Analytics | Mnage Apps | <your app> } IOS tab 

A copy is available at this location:

Suggestion #2. Use Cocoapods to integrate the iOS SDK in Xcode applications

This method is highly recommended method as the installation and configuration process has been simplified

a. Specify CAMobileAppAnalytics in your Podfile:
pod 'CAMobileAppAnalytics'

b. Run $pod install from the terminal
c. Drag & Drop downloaded appname_camdo.plist file into the Supporting files
d. Initialize SDK in your AppDelegate file

[CAMDOReporter initializeSDKWithOptions:SDKLogLevelVerbose  completionHandler:nil];

for more information refer to

Suggestion #3
. Reminders regarding the Manual installation

a. Drag and Drop CAMobileAppAnalytics folder into your Xcode project
b. Drag & Drop xxx_camdo.plist file into the Supporting files
c. Include ca-maa-ios-sdk.xcconfig file in your App Project settings, if no xcconfig was selected under Info > Configurations > Debug & Release

- Select the Info tab
- Under Configurations, expand Debug
- Under Based on Configuration File, select ca-maa-ios-sdk.xcconfig against the app
- Expand Release and repeat the above steps.

d. If your project has a xxx.xcconfig file already selected, to build the application successfully you need both the configurations:
- your app specific configuration
- CAMobileAppAnalytics SDK configurations
this step is important to prevent possible crashes.

Check if any <appspecific>.xcconfig already exists/selected in your App Project settings under Info > Configurations > Debug & Release then, this may conflict when adding "ca-maa-ios-sdk.xcconfig" to the project.
To build the application successfully include "ca-maa-ios-sdk.config" in your app-specific config files as well as below.

 #include "<path_to_folder>/ca-maa-ios-sdk.xcconfig”


e. Clean and Build your Xcode project

For more information refer to

Additional Information

AXA 17.3.2 on-premise known issues and limitations regarding the iOS SDK for instrumenting iOS Apps.