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OpenJDK & JDK Support Questions


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We have some queries regarding OpenJDK / JDK Questions from one of the customer. They are in a plan to move to RA version 6.7 to adopt OpenJDK.

1. Previous RA Version 6.6 & below, have bundled in Oracle JDK - Given that the changes in Oracle JDK licensing policy. Is the bundled Oracle JDK is supported by us? or Does customer needs to buy JDK license from Oracle if they use 6.6 ?

2.Customer has around 6000 agents, the majority on v6.6 & some are in v6.4.  What are the default java version bundled in the agents?

3. Customer want to towards v6.7 as its bundled with OpenJDK (1.8), what is the recommended approach to go about the upgrade? Is there any compatibility between the components NAC/NES/Agents to run between Oracle JDK & OpenJDK?

4. It will be difficult to upgrade all the 6000 agents (one by one), any further advice on this?


Release : 6.7



1: RA 6.7 is now bundled with Adopt Open JDK. You can review same in 6.7 Release notes.

If customer is using 6.6 as per current rights we have I don't think they need to buy the same, as it should be part of RA distribution license. However, 6.6 version will remain on Oracle JRE, and due to licensing restriction RA version 6.6 will never able to go beyond jre version higher than 1.8.0_202. It means if there is some vulnerability fix in JRE available on higher version of Oracle JRE 1.8.0_202 we will not be able to provide it and if customer want to upgrade to that JRE, they may need to get license and also it may also result in agent going out of support metrics, though it depends.

2: This is a tricky question as we exactly don't know which build each agent is running, so it can be easily validated by customer running command Agent_Install_dir/jre/bin/java -version.  However, we can confirm two things for 6.6 or lower agents.
  • The JAVA will be from ORACLE
  • It will not go beyond version
3: The agent of 6.7 version will have AdoptOpenJDK 1.8.0_232. From our end we always wish to have upgrade to latest and greatest.
For compatibility question around NAC/NES and Agents running on different versions for example creating a mismatch of oracle and AdoptJDK.

We did sanity checks, and it should be fine if NAC+NES got migrated and run on AdoptJDK, while some of the agents continue running on Oracle Java. NAC and NES though, as a general rule, should be always of the same version with each other. It can lead to issues if this is not respected.

Despite it is still recommended to keep the agents on the up to date version, practically we tend to support the compatibility with a few versions back, so as older agents would still be able to function with newer NAC/NES. Note, this is "practically", but not guaranteed. Also please note some of the versions like 6.4, 6.5 is already end of life/support.

4: From our recommendation, upgrade can be made in bulk for example selecting 10-15 agents and upgrading them and doing it in small maintenance windows of say 200-400 agents in one window.