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Clarity PPM - Is it possible to configure ordering of subpages within a tab?


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Clarity PPM has subpages nested within specific tabs, that become visible when we first navigate to a tab, and then hover over it again. An example from a Project Layout is show below. Is it possible to change the ordering of these subpages, so that navigating to the most used page does not require multiple clicks?

For example, in the screenshot below, is it possible to configure landing on "Issues" by default instead of "Risks"?


Latest environment tested: 15.7.1.


No, it is not possible to configure ordering of subpages within some OOTB tabs. In the above example it is not possible to make Issues as the default landing page, instead of Risks.

However, within the "Properties" tabs of various objects (including OOTB objects such as Project), it is possible to change the ordering, by navigating to the "Layout:Edit" view.