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CA Gen CSE Model Upload Error "TIMESTAMPDATETIME could not be found in table"


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Just created a new CSE running:
Windows Server 2016
Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
NOTE: Used config tool to create new Schema, (used different Ency Id).

When attempting to upload an existing model receive the following errors:

Function Work Attr Set TIMESTAMPDATETIME could not be found in table
FUNCDEF TIMESTAMPDATETIME could not be found in table


The timestampdatetime function was first added in Gen 8.6 IR1 (Windows PTF IRN86100/RS94237) and is also in Gen 8.6 Complete (Windows PTF WKS86200/SO09618)
From the message it would appear that the model being uploaded already contains the new timestampdatetime function i.e. it is at a post Gen 8.6 IR1 release level, but the new CSE is not aware of the function because it is not yet at that release level.


Release : 8.6
Component : CA Gen Client Server Encyclopedia


Installed the Windows PTF for Gen 8.6 Complete (WKS86200/SO09618) on the new CSE to resolve the problem.