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SQL Type warning "Truncated incorrect time value" when querying the v_fact_alarm_info duration label field.


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


When running the following query on the srmdbapi.v_fact_alarm_info the customer is seeing the following warning:

SELECT alarm_key, set_time, clear_time, duration_label, duration_seconds, from v_fact_alarm_info where alarm_key=60;

 "Truncated incorrect time value" 35684808" 


The duration_label Field in the srmdbapi.v_fact_alarm_info table on the Spectrum Report Manager has hit a Type limit and is truncated to 838:59:59 as defined in the following mysql link:


Release : 10.3

Component : ACTIVATOR VM


This is a mysql limitation documented in the following link:

The workaround is to query the v_fact_alarm_info duration_seconds field instead of the duration_label field.