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IA (Infrastructure Agent) 11.1 for AIX


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Downloaded the IA agent from our APM 11.1 SaaS POC as we were told this version supports AIX as well as Linux. 
The exact version is:
Build and Release = Release ( 990022 ).  It is successfully running on a Linux server started w/ the force_start option as we have no root capability.  It does not work on an AIX server. 

The exact syntax I use to start the IA Agent is: 
./ force_start. 
When the the script calls the SysEdge script - - it fails in the getOsVars() method as this method only matches for Linux. 
There is a statement in this script before the 
getOsVars() method is called on line # 374 that states:
# get Os Vars (Not tested) which I would agree with. 
The 11.1 techdocs state that AIX is supported.  I will upload the APMIA_install.log and the 


Release : 11.1.3

Component : APM Agents


Customer was using the Linux Infrastructure Agent instead of the AIX agent. They tested with the 11.x release and no longer get the error