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Using a Control Service State task Get Status action in a job condition


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IT Management Suite Client Management Suite


You are creating a Job that includes a Control Service State task and want to do one of two things based on the status returned from the Get Status action.


IT Management Suite 8.x


  1. Create a new Control Service State task.
    • Enter the service name
    • Set Action to Get Status
  2. Create a new job
    • Add Control Service State task
    • Highlight the task and select New > condition
    • Set the first Where drop-down to <name of control service state task>-Service Status
    • Set the second one to desired condition operator, equals for this example
    • Set the third field to 4 for running, 1 for stopped, or per below list as needed and click OK
  3. Highlight the If line and add desired task; repeat for the Else line
The statuses that will work for the where clause value are numeric:
  • Unknown = 0
  • Stopped = 1
  • StartPending = 2
  • StopPending = 3
  • Running = 4
  • ContinuePending = 5
  • PausePending = 6

  • Paused = 7