Strange GRS condition and MQ subsystem hang at shutdown
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Strange GRS condition and MQ subsystem hang at shutdown


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Issue trying to stop MQ subsystems. The subsystem begins shutdown and then just seems to hang.

ISG343I 13.00.58 GRS STATUS 261                                                 

S=STEP    OPSEOT   OPSS                                                         

SYSNAME        JOBNAME         ASID     TCBADDR   EXC/SHR    STATUS             

SYSA      XXXXMSTR           007A       009C6E88 EXCLUSIVE    OWN               

SYSA      XXXXMSTR           007A       009C6CF0 EXCLUSIVE    WAIT              

NO REQUESTS PENDING FOR ISGLOCK STRUCTURE                                       

NO LATCH CONTENTION EXISTS                                                      


Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


PTF SO10726 seems to be a match for this problem.

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                                     
Users with PTF SO10241 applied and SERIALIZEEOT=YES may encounter storage
shortages in the OPSMAIN address space due to a 64 byte memory leak      
associated with each end-of-task event observed by OPS/MVS.              
It is also possible for a deadlock condition to occur in address spaces  
where multiple tasks are going through end of task at the same time.     
The observed case was the result of a shutdown of an MQ region.