Change the Time Zone shown in Message Service Logs
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Change the Time Zone shown in Message Service Logs


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When using the CA Common Services 15.0 - Message Service component the server log located at  /cfgb/instance/messageService/logs

has messages that are using UTC time.  We would like to have this log display these messages in LOCAL time. 

Where and how can we configure CCS to do this?



  • z/OS 2.x
  • Common Services 15.0
  • Message Service Component


Level 2 advised that currently the only way to adjust the time shown in the Message Service logs is to edit the /cfgb/instance/messageService/config/config.yml file. This file is in ascii format. You can access the file by using the ISPF 3.17 panel and specifying the pathname. File access options can be seen by using PF1.

Level 2 determined that the timeZone parameter is not actually being used.  It is used only if the default logFormat is used. As we are overriding the log format in the config, the timeZone parameter gets overridden and is not being used.

Level 2 provided this example of how to change the time zone to New York:

logFormat: '%-5level [%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS, America/New_York}] [Message Service Server] - [%class:%method:%line] [%thread] - %msg %n'

This time zone change was tested by Level 2.