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Created a new CA Panvalet PANLIB and the Primary allocation was allocated in 2 extents. Is that okay?


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Ran CA Panvalet PAN#4 to create a new PANLIB and the Primary allocation  was allocated in 2 extents.

The Primary allocation for the new PANLIB was 18000 cylinders - 
The PANLIB was allocated with 11000 in the first extent and 7000 in the second extent 

Is that okay?
Will Panvalet use the second extent?


Release : 14.6

Component : CA Panvalet


Check the PAN#4 output and if the correct number of blocks were cleared, then yes - Panvalet will use the additional extents if all the extents are the same volume. 

The number of blocks per track are based on the blocksize specified for the PANLIB.
For example for 3390 type DASD -
    BLKSIZE  27998    results in 2 blocks / track
    BLKSIZE  2212      restults in 20 blocks / track

See Table of Block Sizes for a complete list of DASD types and blocksizes