Trap director does not forward traps when multiple models for the same IP exist
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Trap director does not forward traps when multiple models for the same IP exist


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


A tcpdump and alert manager debug on the Trap Director box show that we're getting a trap on the MLS, but it's not showing up on the landscape where the IP is modeled.  I confirmed this by turning on alert manager and event mgmt debug on the destination landscape.  While I see traps of the same OID getting to other models, this one does not register in the VNM.OUT.  I dumped the trap mux cache, and it looks correct. If I send the trap directly to the respective landscape, it generates the expected event.


Release : 20.2.x

Component : SPCCSS - Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


There are multiple models in Spectrum with the same IP and one of those models has DisableTrapEvents set to No.


When the database is read by Spectrum to populate the Trap Director cache and one of the models has DisableTrapEvents set to no, if that entry is populated first in the cache, then none of the models with that IP will receive the traps.  They will be dropped.

This is tentatively scheduled to be fixed by Spectrum release 10.4.2.

Additional Information

workaround solution:

Set the "DisableTrapEvents" attribute from "Yes" to "No" via Attribute Editor on all the remote device models

Press "Clear  Remote Forwarding Cache" on  MLS from VNM Model-> Componet Details -> Information -> Trap Management for rebuilding trap director cache

Verify default values of the following attributes -  iseventcreationenabled(Yes) and processes_traps(No)


Attribute ID: 0x11cd0

Determines whether DX NetOps Spectrum escalates a trap into an event on a particular port model.