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CA Panvalet PANLIB allocated on multiple volumes, will the additional extents be used?


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A new PANLIB was allocated on multiple volumes.  Will the extents on the 2nd and 3rd volumes be use?


Release : 14.6

Component : CA Panvalet


If the PAN#4 ++CLEAR job contains a Primary allocation and secondary allocation such as - 
  //         SPACE=(CYL,(100,50)),

and contains VOL=SER with multiple volumes -
  //         VOL=SER=(PANV01,PANV02) 

PAN#4 will allocate 2 extents - the primary allocation on the first volume and the secondary amount on the second volume:  

 Current Allocation           
  Allocated cylinders : 150   
  Allocated extents . : 2     
  1st extent cylinders: 100 
  Secondary cylinders : 50  


If a 3rd volume is added to the VOL=SER parm
  //         VOL=SER=(PANV01,PANV02,PANV03) 

This will result in 3 extents being allocated and PAN#4 clears all the blocks in all 3 extents:
 Current Allocation           
  Allocated cylinders : 200   
  Allocated extents . : 3     

1st extent cylinders: 100  
Secondary cylinders : 50


PAN#4 will allocate the Primary allocation on the first volume and the secondary allocation on each additional volume specified in the VOL=SER parm. 

PAN#4 then CLEARs the total number of blocks in each extent. 

Yes, Panvalet will use all extents.