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The cabi_external probe repeatedly fails after upgrading to 4.10 from a working version


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After following the instructions in the KB137160 : CA UIM cabi_external probe error while installing returns no-restart code (42)  Knowledge document, on an upgrade install of the cabi_external probe, the probe is still failing with the following in the cabi_external.log file:

Controller: Probe 'cabi_external' (command = <startup java>) returns no-restart code (42)

The probe is also generating binary java_pid*.hprof java memory dump files but there are no hs_err_pid*.log ASCI files available to determine why the cabi_external java process is failing.

At loglevel 5, the following is recorded in one of the cabi_exernal log files prior to the "no-restart code (42)" message is recorded:

Mar 05 10:31:25:512 [main, cabi_external] requesting state of taskId=f1d4c838-4a49-4291-916e-6bf2f7179deb ... 
Mar 05 10:31:25:512 [main, cabi_external] Successfully got the task state as=com.jaspersoft.jasperser[email protected]3b74ac8
Mar 05 10:31:25:512 [main, cabi_external] state=StateDto{id='f1d4c838-4a49-4291-916e-6bf2f7179deb', message='Export succeeded.', phase='finished', errorDescriptor=null, warnings=null}
Mar 05 10:31:25:512 [main, cabi_external] approx total time in milliseconds for export=90000.
Mar 05 10:31:25:512 [main, cabi_external] end monitorExportState(session=not null, taskId=f1d4c838-4a49-4291-916e-6bf2f7179deb, maxWaitTimeInMillies=1800000
Mar 05 10:31:25:512 [main, cabi_external] begin requestExportOutputFile(exportFilePath=C:\Program Files\Nimsoft\probes\service\cabi\content\auto-backup\, taskId=f1d4c838-4a49-4291-916e-6bf2f7179deb)
Mar 05 10:31:25:512 [main, cabi_external] requesting export stream for taskId=f1d4c838-4a49-4291-916e-6bf2f7179deb ... 
Mar 05 10:31:27:216 [main, cabi_external] setting the lastInstallStatus=4
Mar 05 10:31:27:216 [main, cabi_external] successfully set the lastInstallStatus=4
Mar 05 10:31:27:216 [main, cabi_external] srcFilePath=C:\Program Files\Nimsoft\probes\service\cabi_external\cabi.log, srcFilePath.exists=false, tgtFilePath=C:\Program Files\Nimsoft\probes\service\cabi_external\cabi_install_archive.log, tgtFilePath.exists=false

There are no permission issues on the robot which would prevent the creation of the auto-backup zip archive.
A lastInstallStatus setting of 4 indicates a failed cabi_external probe failure.


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - CABI
cabi_external through version 4.10


Java processes typically generate java_pid*.hprof files on OutOfMemoryError failures.  If there are a large number of customer reports/list for UIM in the external CABI repository, the default java_mem_max setting of -Xmx256m in the cabi_external.cfg file may not be large enough for the probe to retrieve all of the reports/lists to save them off in the auto-backup zip archive save locally on startup on the cabi_external robot.

This will most likely occur when upgrading from an earlier cabi_external probe pointing to an external CABI server where there are a number of custom UIM reports/lists created and saved in the repository on the external CABI server with the previous cabi_external probe.


Increasing the cabi_external probe java memory key values corrects this issue:

1.  From the cabi_external probe's Raw Configure GUI, expand the startup folder, then select the opt folder from the left-hand pane.

2.  Modify the following 2 key values in the right-hand pane:

java_mem_max = -Xmx2048m
java_mem_init = -Xms1024m

Apply the changes.

NOTE:  Make sure that there is at least 2G of memory free on the cabi_external robot to allow this probe to use up to 2G of memory if necessary.

3.  Cold start (deactivate, then activate) the cabi_external probe or restart the entire cabi_external robot to force the probe to use the new java memory settings.