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IBM Cloning Tool Using Top Secret User Defined Facility DB2DDF


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Top Secret


An IBM Cloning tool job that executes a stored procedure called DSNUTILU which drives a signon for the user in the DB2DDF facility, but this utility does not use DDF. Why is DB2DDF being used? Top Secret for DB2 is not running.


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


To determine the DB2 facility when Top Secret for DB2 is not running, Top Secret first looks for a MASTFAC on the region acid. If there isn't a MASTFAC, Top Secret uses the first facility that has an INITPGM= that matches or is a prefix of the program that starts the started task. If one isn't found, facility STC is used.  

The program that is driving the signon for the stored procedure is DSNX9WLS. The DB2DDF facility had PGM=DSN. Since this is a prefix of DSNX9WLS and the region ACID for the stored procedure started task name did not have a MASTFAC on it, this is why DB2DDF was used.