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Supressing Warning Message from FDM: "Unable to connect to Test Data Manager telemetry service."


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Installed FDM on a Client Workstation. 
Every time I open FDM I get a warning. but after I click OK it works OK.

The warning says this:
Unable to connect to Test Data Manager telemetry service.
Please ensure that environment variable TDM_PORTAL_URL is set and points to the hostname where TDM Portal is installed
(e.g. 'https://hostname:8443' or 'http://hostname:8080').

To disable future connection attempts set the environment variable TDM_PORTAL_URL to N. 

Can you point to where I should do some tweaks to avoid this connection warning?


Test Data Manager
Fast Data Masker




To set the environment variable do this:
Bring up Control Panel --> System --> Advanced system settings 
Choose Advanced tab then choose Environment Variables.
Add a new Variable under System variables With a name of TDM_PORTAL_URL and a value of N.

From our documentation:
Reporting Telemetry in Fast Data Masker and GT Subset

Fast Data Masker (FDM) and GT Subset send Telemetry data to the TDM Portal service, which aggregates Telemetry data from individual TDM components.
If FDM or GT Subset are unable to connect to the TDM Portal service at startup, a warning message displays.

To set up this connection to the TDM Portal service successfully, it is necessary to define the operating system environment variable TDM_PORTAL_URL on the machine where FDM or GT Subset is installed. You should define this variable as the URL where you access the Portal.