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Disaster Recovery Process and/or Best Practice for CDA 12.X


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


This article describes the recommendations on the Disaster Recovery process for Continuous Delivery Automation



Release : 12.X

Component : AUTOMATION ENGINE, Continuous Delivery Automation




NOTE: For Disaster Recovery Best Practices for Automation Engine, please refer to the .pdf attached below.

Best DR Practices for Continuous Delivery Automation:

  • There are two parts that need to be done in sync - backup all the databases and backup the configuration on disk (or the whole VM if using VMs).
  • Database backup needs to be synchronized across all databases, including the Automation Engine ones, and restored together as well.
  • File system backups need to be synced with the database backups and the customer can choose whether to backup the whole VM/file system or just the configuration files.
  • If backing up only configuration files, recovery would involve installing the exact same version of CDA and restoring the configs. 
  • If backing up the whole file system/VM then just restore them.
  • Here is a list of configuration files/directories specific to CDA that we recommend backing up (file paths are based on a default installation using OneInstaller and might differ from the customer environment so they should determine the correct paths based on their install):
       CDA v12.3:

AWI Plugin
Full AWI cofig-folder incl. sub-folders


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