Interfaces show the wrong speed in Performance Center
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Interfaces show the wrong speed in Performance Center


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Interfaces are showing the wrong speed in Performance Center Inventory.

Examining them in Data Aggregator Inventory they show the correct speed but are also filtered out and not polled. They shouldn't appear in the Performance Center Inventory.


All supported Performance Management releases


These interfaces are being synchronized to the Performance Center Inventory from the Network Flow Analysis (NFA) Data Source.


To resolve the problem in the Performance Center inventory will require either:

  • Delete the problem interfaces from NFA. After some sync cycles in Performance Center they should get removed from Performance Center Inventory.
  • Correct them in NFA to show accurate speed values. After some sync cycles they should get updated with new values in Performance Center Inventory.

Additional Information

To identify the cause:
  1. Find problem interface. Bring up it's Context page report.
  2. In the URL for it's Context page report note the interfaceID value.
  3. Open a terminal window to the PC server.
  4. Log into the MySql prompt to use the netqosportal DB.
  5. Run this command to list the data sources configured in PC:
    • select SourceID,ConsoleName from data_sources2;
  6. Run this command:
    •  select ItemID,SourceID,ItemName,IfIndex,IfSpeedIn,IfSpeedOut from t_interface where itemid=<ItemID>;
    • Replace <ItemID> with the itemID from the URL in step 2.
When we get results with a SourceID listed, it means it's synced from only one DS, the one for the ID listed. Could also review the following output to determine if any other data sources contribute the item to PC inventory.
  • select ItemID,SourceID,ItemName,IfIndex,IfSpeedIn,IfSpeedOut from dst_interface where itemid=<ItemID>;