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PRODUCT IVP process for CA SMR


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Hi there,

We need to proceed with software validation (CA-SMR) after IPL, zOS upgrades, etc.

How should we proceed?

We were informed about PGM=LISTSOPT, but we were not able to find it, in any CA-SMR LOADLIB.

Could you help us, please?

Thank you so much,

Cleideli Carrogi / Carlos Eduardo Santana

IBM Brazil (supporting BNS Account)


Release : 3.3

Component : CA SMR


There is no manual and no JOB for the IVP .
Please verify using the following method;

1.Start the CA SMR task of your site.
2.Confirm the SYSLOG collection using the ISPF panels.
3: You can generate a current SYSLOG by issuing the WRITELOG L   where (L is the sysout class for your SYSLOG) on the console
4: This process will force a CAPLWTR process to run and spool the SYSLOG to the new DAILY file

With all of these processes working all can be considered as good.