CA XCOM on Oracle Java
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CA XCOM on Oracle Java


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XCOM Data Transport XCOM Data Transport - Windows XCOM Data Transport - Linux PC


  • Does XCOM use an Oracle JRE?
  • If so, is it standalone or bundled with XCOM?
  • If we believe that its part of the XCOM install package can you confirm that this Oracle JRE is covered by product licensing?



Release : 11.6 SP02 and below

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows


1. Yes, XCOM uses Oracle JRE.
2. Yes, it is packaged with XCOM r11.6 SP02 and below.
3. All 3rd party tools included within a product, in this case, CA XCOM, have the appropriate license(Broadcom managed) to be packaged and utilized for that particular product. For example, when CA XCOM includes Java or Oracle JRE, these 3rd party tools can be used for the sole purpose of CA XCOM execution only. A 3rd party tool packaged with a product cannot be utilized by any other Broadcom or other customer supplied product.

To be thorough, I'd also like to note that when you upgrade to a new version, release, or service pack, then any 3rd party tool used by the previous executable, would no longer be eligible for use.