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"Kibana is currently unavailable" in one of the Frontend/Collector nodes


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CA App Experience Analytics


The error message "KIBANA is currently unavailable. Please try again later" is appearing in the UI when accessing one of the Frontend nodes:



The issue was a change in file in one of the nodes and this was preventing the connection to Kibana.


AXA 17.3.x


Based on the screenshot provided in the Introduction field of this Tech Doc the problem seems to come from kibana-proxy (as pinpointed in the Developer Tools section) so more likely there is a misconfiguration in the file. Please follow the below recommendations:

1.- Go aoPlatform/apache-tomee--plus-x.x.x/conf directory
2.- Open the file
3.- Double-check there are no mistakes in the Tenant User Stores names, URL, in the users, URLs, Ports properties
4.- Make sure the Tenant User Stores names matches the ones in the UI:

5.- If you have multiple Frontend nodes then compare the file with a working one

If the problem persists please open a Support ticket for investigation.