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nas auto operators are not working


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We found that when we were looking in our dev environment that multiple auto operators are not working and we think they all may not be working. The 2 we focused on were the auto-operator that takes all alarms for the TNSListener and changes the severity to minor. The other auto operator is the one for the messagegtw. I can see that in the hub gui in the status tab, I see that the ServiceNow queue is not working (the message count is not going down in the queued column and the sent column is always 0. Need help to determine why the auto operators are not working.


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM NAS


Normally nas Auto Operator rules do not work as expected when one or more of the following is true:

1. Too many rules/scripts running, and/or too frequently in the rule-base. You may have to offload some % of rules to remote hub nas instances.
 - In a Test/DEV environment, you can temporarily disable some %, e.g., 50% of the nas AO and/or preprocessing rules to see if the behavior you're experiencing subsides.
2. Order of the rules - check in the nas.log at loglevel 3, how the rules are firing or IF they are firing, by sending a test alarm that meets the rule you expect to trigger
3. Insufficient processing power-> consider adding more virtual processors/memory
4. Small windows of time e.g., 1-3-5 minutes, that might overlap or not fire when expected, when using "On overdue age," instead of using "On Arrival"
5. Changing severity to Minor should be able to be tested by sending a test alarm through the nas Status Tab or controller that would trigger the severity rule/script you have configured