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In SYSVIEW R15.0 the Unit field on the DASD Units panel is not showing the correct value.


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


On the Sysview's DASD Unit panel, the Unit field shows the value of '3390-9' for volumes that are mod-27.  



Release : 15.0
Component : SYSVIEW


In Release 15 Sysview is unable to determine the model of a DASD from the UNIT field in MVS.  


We brought the UNIT display as an enhancement in the Sysview 16.0 release with solution SO10680, together with the z15 recovery boost feature..
The Model field will show the correct model and total cylinders for each volume.
There are no plans to move this to release 15.0..

Additional Information

From the PTF SO10680
3. DASD model name reporting enhancements.                          
A set of commands have been enhanced to display DASD model names.   
Prior to this enhancement, only the DASD unit was displayed for a   
given volume. DASD models 3390-9, 3390-27, and 3390-54 all report as
unit 3390-9. It was not possible to determine the model based on the
unit. With this enhancement, models can easily be identified. The   
following enhancements have been introduced:                        
- Updated DASD command to display model name and cylinder count.    
- Updated SPACE command to display model name.                      
- Updated SMSVOLS command to display model name.