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Scheduled Portfolio Sync job will remove entries from Portfolio - Investments page


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We have a scheduled Synchronize Portfolio Investments job, that runs every day at a certain time.

The portfolios are NOT using filter criteria for selecting contents. The investments are selected in the 'Individual Investments' section. Therefore, the investments should always appear in the Portfolio Investments listing. 

After the job runs, if we switch between the tab Content Editor and Investments and note the number of projects, we see that every time the scheduled Synchronize Portfolio Investments job runs it removes a record from the Investments tab

If we run the job manually we have no issue.


Release : All Supported Clarity releases



The user who scheduled the job no longer has the access rights for the projects - and does not have rights to the project missing from each portfolio after the job runs.  This causes the behavior above and is not a defect as confirmed with Engineering on DE52546, NAB. 

This is why when we schedule a new job with admin user it works. We suggest checking the jobs and ensuring you only schedule them with an admin user.