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Question on what specific wait labels in the SMPRTP (CTRANLOG detail screen)


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When looking into issues with CICS transactions and there are some transactions with long TC ALLOC WAIT TIME  value and a long  TCLASS DELAY WAIT TIME . 
It's possible that these descriptions of the fields dont tell you what they exactly mean..

SYSVIEW 15.0 CCCC ---------------------------------- SMFRPT, SMF Record Report ----------------------------
Command ====>                                                                                             
LogStream SYSV.CICSLOGR.TRAN.CCCC     BlockID 00000084AC03F68C/18                                         
CA SYSVIEW CICS Transaction                                                                               
Type        Subtype     Length  SSID  Date/Time                                                           
255 x00FF   27 x001B      4538  GSVY  2020/03/04 09:27:04                                                 
CICS Transaction Record                                                                                   
Jobname C819CI4P  Tran KUCA  Task 42973    Terminal       Userid TESTRT4                                  
135 LU6.2 alternate input messages       0                                                                
136 LU6.2 alternate output messages      0                                                                
137 LU6.2 alternate CHARS input          0                                                                
138 LU6.2 alternate CHARS output         0                                                                
165 Terminal information                 00000000                                                         
169 Terminal session connection name                                                                      
197 Network qualified name network ID                                                                     
198 Network qualified name network name                                                                   
343 TC alloc wait time                   33.87002           


Release : 15.0 and above

Component : SYSVIEW


For the explanation of the CICS fields in CA Sysview, we display them from control tables of CICS conform the IBM documentation..

The starting point for details on CICS metrics from the transaction report will always start at the following IBM CICS document:

In a transaction report, you will see DFHgroup sections like the following:

The following dfhgroup = DFHTASK

DFHGroup - DFHTASK -------------------------------------------------

Description Value
001 Transaction ID CRSQ
004 Transaction type S
007 User-task dispatch time 0.015414
008 User-task CPU time 0.000561
014 User-task suspend time 0.000073
059 Interval control requests 1
064 Error flag field 00000000
065 IC start reqs with channel option 0
066 Interval control total requests 2
082 Transaction group ID ..USILDA01.U31SVDC9PþHÿ).}.
097 Network name of original terminal USILDA01.U31SVDC9
098 Unit-Of-Work ID 91B7E54362760001
102 Dispatch wait time 0.000000
109 Transaction priority 1
110 Transaction class number 0


The information found in this section is separated by CICS MCT
owning groups such as DFHTASK or DFHCICS.

The entries are formatted as follows:

Description Value
xxx description data-value

001 transaction ID TXT1
004 transaction type TO

| Field name       | Description                                      |
| xxx              | CICS MCT field ID                                |
| description      | Description of collection field                  |
| data-value       | Value of collection field                        |

Using the link above, locate the DFHGROUP and then the MCT number for full descriptions.

And this IBM/CICS doc shows the same info but lists the fields in numerical order:

DFHTASK 126 TCLDELAY First dispatch delay time due to TRANCLASS

DFHTERM 343 TCALWTT MRO, LU6.1, and LU6.2 session allocation wait time