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Deployments are in Pending state


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


Our deployments hangs in Pending state, almost all of them show "100% initializing", sometimes Red and sometimes Green. What does it really mean for a deployment in Pending state with this "100%" status?

I checked from JMX console, and it does not show any long pending deployments "listBlockedJobs" returns nothing and "listActiveRuns" does not have any long running deployments either.

So, how to clear these "Pending" deployments? What do they signify? And how to avoid getting deployments in Pending state


Release : 6.6



The issue mentioned is observed rarely sometimes due to issue either with Cache maintained at NAC server or delay in getting progress status of job from agent to NAC via NES. However, it is tricky to proactively call very specific cause of the issue but in future if any such issue is observed please collect below information and share the same with support on Technical ticket so Technical support can assist you on same.

1: Please confirm the RA version along with build on NAC. Example
2: Please collect logs from (1/2) agents on which deployment ran and affected by same issue. Also please collect logs from there respective parent NES.
3: Please confirm the version of the Agent along with build number. Example
4: Please capture the below and share with us
   4.1 Releases id, screen shots, release name and time when release executed.

Pending State in RA signifies that the deployment is not reached to a finished state which can be either CANCELLED, FAILED or SUCCESS


In general this this issue can be corrected and also prevent any other deployments/release from getting affected by same behavior, post carrying out below step.

1: Stop the NAC
2: clean files_cache folder on NAC
3: Start the NAC

Additional Information

In case if above doesn't correct the existing releases and such releases can't be removed from RA for reporting requirement etc, please share the below information along with logs mentioned above with Technical support on ticket and they will provide assistance for same.

1: Please confirm the DB type and version in use
2: Run the below query changing the release-id with respective release-ids of releases in your environment. Please share the output in csv or excel format. Try to provide 3-4 release id's comma separate.
SELECT * from rc_releases WHERE id in (1,5,6,7,8)