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After changing the property perfmgr.rvwiz.whatrpt.expireTimer to 14d on 03-March-2020 and checked the report and there were the reports which execution date was on 16-February-2020.
Based on the value of the perfmgr.rvwiz.whatrpt.expireTimer, the expected results was that there were the reports from 17-February-2020.
What kind of thing causes this behavior?


Release : 10.X

Component : CA Service Virtualization


If there were some testing results which were not marked as "finished" in the database and the value of property perfmgr.rvwiz.whatrpt.forceCompleteTimer was not changed, then the timer for expiration started 24 hours after when the testings were finished.
Then this type of behavior sometimes occurs based on the testing results.

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