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cdm 6.42 autofs mount shows 0 bytes used/0 bytes free


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


On Linux RH 6.x which utilizes autofs for a mountpoint, the cdm probe returns 0 values for the total space and free space for these autofs filesystem type filesystems.

The cdm.log file will show messages similar to the following at loglevel 5 in the cdm.log file:

Mar  4 09:08:13:855 [139933951612672] cdm: Found FS /my/autofs on device /etc/ type autofs
Mar  4 09:08:13:855 [139933951612672] cdm: Adding FS to list
Mar  4 09:08:13:855 [139933951612672] cdm: Found FS /my/autofs on device remotedevice:/remote/nfs type nfs4
Mar  4 09:08:13:855 [139933951612672] cdm: Adding FS to list
Mar  4 09:08:13:855 [139933951612672] cdm: Skipping Network fs /my/autofs - nfs space checking not active


The cdm probe is not designed to monitor autofs filesystem types.  The probe will not even allow the option to enable disk monitoring for filesystems with autofs as the designated filesystem type.


Release : 8.5 or higer

Component : UIM - CDM WITH IOSTAT any version through 6.42


The current cdm probe does not recognize the autofs filesystem type as an nfs filesystem type and will not allow you to select the "Enable disk monitoring" option for monitoring these types of autofs mounted filesystems.