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Agile Central / Rally Sync job Slow Performance Optimization


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Are there any suggestions to help improve the performance / run time of the Synchronize Agile Central Job in Clarity PPM?


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  1. Upgrade to the Latest Clarity PPM GA release (currently 15.7.1)
    • If on Clarity PPM 15.5 or lower, it's recommended to upgrade as their have been some performance improvements starting in 15.5.1
  2. Check to see if any users have action trace enabled which can cause performance issues.
  • If action trace is enabled, you can disable this using the below:
    • Go to the log configuration section in PPM by replacing everything after action: in the URL with security.logs.
    • From the Logs tab drop down, select 'Edit Configuration'
    • Uncheck 'Enables or disables action tracing (SQL Trace)'
    • Save changes
      3. Try to minimize the amount of project/tasks being sync'd.
  • If possible mark the projects that should not be sync'd anymore as inactive or stop sync'ing stories for these projects (uncheck the sync story option).
     4. Try to reduce volume and most important hierarchy (stories with child stories).

     5. Additionally, the following job settings will update the least amount of projects which in turns will optimize performance:
        * Date Window = Projects updated in the last month
         Note: Updated in the last month is currently the lowest level possible, to request an enhancement to have the option to only run projects updated in the last 24 hours, see 18799
        * Project Status = Active Projects (excludes inactive projects)
        * Synchronize projects where work status is Complete = Unchecked
        (If checked it will also run against all projects where Work status is Complete)
         Screen shot below of optimized job settings: