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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


 Another question regardiing how we can change the OSFCONSOLE value any time a OSFCHAR is passed.

Is there an exit point we can invoke after the OSFCHAR is passed?... like a REXX that we would invoke to get the user id of the user doing a command and change the value of the OSFCONSOLE parameter?

I understand that the value of the OSFCONSOLE command can be modified any time.

For example, we have the OSFCHAR set as !

If a user does ! EX 'whatever', is there an exit point where we can intercept the ! command and invoke a REXX to get the user id and modify the OSFCONSOLE parameter value?



Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


We do not have an exit point where you can change the OSFCHAR, nor do we offer a user exit for this purpose.   We recommend writing security rules to tighten down your system beyond what the OSFSECURITY parameter allows for.