SSL Error (ssl_failed) message in web browsers running SGOS version or
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SSL Error (ssl_failed) message in web browsers running SGOS version or


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The client web browser displays the following error message when navigating to some web sites:

SSL Error (ssl_failed) 
A secure SSL session could not be established with the Web Site: "".
This is typically caused by a Web Site that is not configured to accept SSL connections, or the Proxy does not trust the Web Site's certificate authority, or else the Proxy does not support client certificate authentication requests from the origin server.   
For assistance, contact your network support team.

Some known web sites include and

All of the following conditions apply to this defect:
  1. SGOS version is or
  2. The client web browser does not support TLS1.3 or it is disabled
  3. The web page is not SSL Intercepted


Release :,

Component : SSL


The fix for this defect (SG-19003) has been released in version

One of the following work-arounds can be used in lieu of upgrading:
  1. Disable Server Certificate Validation for the affected web sites
  2. Enable SSL Interception for the affected web sites
  3. Utilize a web browser with TLS1.3 support such as Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox