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Does Performance Management support newer RedHat OS releases than those documented?


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According to the specified phrase below we have: "We support the latest version of Red Hat 7.x unless otherwise specified", then it is supposed to understand that it can be installed in a RHEL 7.6 OS version, is it correct? Note: The documentation states:

Operating System Requirements
We support the latest version of Red Hat 7.x unless otherwise specified.


Release : 3.7



The specific Operating System (OS) versions listed in the documentation as supported, or noted with lack of support, are the OS versions engineering performed testing against.

We provide assumed support for any OS newer than the ones listed. We assume the code will work but it has not been officially tested.

Will will assist with debugging problems on newer OS versions and provide resolutions as needed.

Cases may arise where for some reason the problem is not resolvable on the OS involved. In those cases the resolution may be to run the software on a tested and supported OS.

Additional Information

Current OS requirements documentation