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Installation question (there are no MCS , RELFILES provided in UNZIPJCL)


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Successfully downloaded the PAX file (DVD03101804E.pax.Z) to our USS environment and unpacked it using the unpack job provided. The next step is to run the UNZIPJCL job provided to create the SAMPJCL library, and the MCS library and the products RELFILES in TSO.

The UNZIPJCL job that was provided only creates the SAMPJCL. There are no MCS library and RELFILES created, so the SMP/E job to receive the product does not work.

Please provide an UNZIPJCL job that has all the MCS library and RELFILES listed for V20.


Release : 20.0



The native install process for the DBTOOLS  R20.0 has been changed.  The UNZIPJCL job only creates the SAMPJCL PDS.

It is within the actual SMP/E RECEIVE job, DBM20RCB, that the product RELFILES (derived from the pathname specified in the SMPNTS DD) are copied.

The pathname in the DBM20RCB job should be where the DBMK0B0 directory resides.

The  DBM20RCB job will dynamically allocate the RELFILES to datasets
for subsequent processing by the DBM30APB job which will APPLY the base product, and then the DBM40ACB job will ACCEPT the base product

Upon successful completion of the DBM40ACB (ACCEPT process) the RELFILE datasets will be deleted.